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A portion of Jill’s book will go to the foundation started by Susan Stevens’ (right). Susan lost her daughter (left) to opioids.

Who: Jill Osborn is an author and journalist with national and local experience as well as award-winning columnist. Jill comes with a triple threat, she was worked on Capitol Hill, behind the anchor’s desk, and co-owns a successful business.

What: Accessing the Media takes the reader behind the scenes to understand how best to work with the press. It is perfect for politicians, business leaders, charities, or those looking to spread information about a specific message. Jill’s book provides an insider’s look at how the modern newsroom works, detailing the different roles of reporters, editors, and producers. Readers will learn how to forge relationships with media personnel in television, radio, print, and the web to craft the perfect press coverage. It starts with a relationship of reciprocity!

When: Due out May 15th. $14.99 paperback original (Can. $19.99) Sold on Amazon & at Barnes and Nobles.

Where: Jill is located in North Carolina but can do interviews via satellite or telephone. Jill is open to traveling, schedule willing.

Why: Why did Jill write this book? Do you want the politically correct answer or the truth? Contact her to find out:

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Book Due Out May 15th

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A special thank you to all the journalists working hard to relay the truth! Keep up the good work!

~ Jill Osborn