“Jill is a triple threat with her first-hand experience in the news industry, federal government, and public relations world. You will be fascinated to learn the behind-the-scenes details of these closely watched entities.” – Gretchen Carlson

Quick Book Synopsis

Accessing the media can feel like a complicated jigsaw puzzle. Jill, however, takes the reader behind the scenes of how and why the media operates in her recent book. Accessing the Media gives you a personal media consultant without the cost of hiring one. Whether intrigued by the media, running for for office, or simply interested in getting your business message out to the masses, Accessing the Media shows you exactly how to maximize your messaging goals by properly bringing the press into play.

Accessing the Media

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 About Jill Osborn

Jill works in D.C.

Like Ronald Reagan, Jill believes it is important to follow your dreams. Proof of that is shown in Jill’s actions. Jill is an award winning columnist. But before diving into theworld of media, Jill worked for a North Carolina congressional office on Capitol Hill. Jill then took a competitive internship at FOX News in New York City. Honing her skills as a reporter Jill worked for the NBC affiliate in Rapid City, South Dakota. Jill reported on stories such as the first Native American Park Ranger at Mount Rushmore. Next, Jill became the solo morning and midday news anchor for the ABC news station in Lincoln, Nebraska. You may have also seen Jill on FOX.

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Jill predicts the outcome of the historical presidential race on Election Day 2016

For The Clemmons Courier, Jill writes a weekly column called, “Your Neighbor.” Jill received an award from N.C. Governor Pat McCrory for her reporting and contributions written in The Clemmons Courier. Jill is also author of the inspirational books, An Ordinary Town: Extraordinary Neighbors and The Ping Effect

Speaking Engagements

Jill has spoken in front of millions of people on camera and is known as an engaging public speaker out in the public. If interested in hiring Jill, please fill out the form below. Your email will be sent to Jill’s representative who will respond within 2-3 business days.



Behind the scenes, Jill has worked with countless politicians on successful campaigns. She has helped them attain media when their message was imperative to spread to the masses on a fiscally conservative budget.

“Jill’s inside information is literature that will train the next Thomas Jeffersons, Benjamin Franklins and Alexander Hamiltons. With her experience, information, and insight, Jill ensures a successful campaign and political career.”– Aaron Berlin, prosecutor and candidate for district court judge in Forsyth County

“Jill’s book is must read for anyone wanting to know how the dots are connected with politics and the media. With the evolving political climate, Jill has found new ground to plow.” – United States Congressman Richard Hudson (NC-8)

“Jill’s tireless work on my campaign proved to beneficial when I received the most votes out of a large pool of candidates. There is no way I would have received as much press as I did, had it not been for Jill’s invaluable advice. She is still someone I consult on a regular basis.”– Michelle Barson, Current Mayor Pro Tem, Clemmons, N.C.

“You can buy knowledge but you cannot teach wisdom. Jill’s wisdom helped me win my election and continued to help me while serving continuous terms as Mayor.” Former Mayor Nick Nelson. Youngest Mayor to serve Clemmons, N.C.

To hire Jill for consulting services, email JillsMedia@gmail.com

Accessing the Media

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